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Regardless of your business or service, attracting new customers and enticing return visits from existing customers is critical to your success. Promotions are fun and engaging ways to highlight your products and services directly to new and existing customers. Your customer base sees dozens, if not hundreds, of promotions daily. You need an expert that can communicate your message effectively and have it stand above the rest. Here at Colortone, we can help you accomplish that goal with fun promotional materials including a variety of scratch-off and pull-tab game cards.

Scratch-Off Promotions

Looking to set yourself apart from your competition? Want to turn your customers into repeat customers? Looking to attract new customers to your business? Scratch-off promotions are a great way to help your business do just that. Whether you include them with purchases, send them to a targeted mailing list, or both, everyone enjoys scratch-off cards in hopes of winning discounts, merchandise or even cash prizes. Some benefits of scratch-off promotions include:

  • Customer Take-Aways to promote return visits
  • Bring in new customers by requiring them to uncover their prize at your business
  • More fun than standard coupons or electronic promotions
  • Encourage repeat visits by customers to collect more scratch-off cards for prizes

Pull-Tab Promotions

Pull-Tab promotions are another exciting way to capture new customers while encouraging repeat visits from existing patrons. The key benefit of pull-tab promotions is that they allow you to offer more chances to win over time. For example, you can have one pull-tab card with 12 pull-tabs, one for each month, offering discounts and/or prizes for return visits to your business. In our example, you create 12 opportunities for both new and return customers to visit your business while only paying for one promotion. If your current promotions are sent monthly or quarterly, you can save 92% on postage alone, which is typically the highest cost to you. Benefits of pull-tab promotions include:

  • Offering your customers multiple chances to “win” in one promotion
  • Reducing your postage costs by up to 92% by using an annual pull-tab promotion over traditional monthly mailings
  • Encouraging your customers to visit you more frequently based on the pull-tab promotion

Our scratch-off and pull-tab cards can help promote your business, whether you are a retailer, restaurant, service provider or even an internet based company. Invest your advertising dollars in your business by encouraging new and repeat business through scratch-off and pull-tab promotions today!